Life at Glenormiston 

some photos of people, ponies and other happenings at our farm

some mares and foals  cooling off in summer

 2 year olds and kangaroos


foal playing         Sophie aged 6 on Washland's Rebecca        the Maremmas on the driveway

young mares    some yearlings at Glenormiston

             Tom the stable cat with friends             Gl Katie Corkery and Sarah


         the girls with calves          Jess with Scarteen and Sorcha             youngsters on hill               Fiona and Pooka

daylight above the lake    2 year old Tipper O'Toole

Jack riding on 'Puppymoo' - our pet steer       Henry and Sue in the wind


some of the young mares      Gl Cloonshannagh with Jo          

yearlings at the feed ute!   Jess riding Bambi!

some of the red deer in our paddock

broken down Blackhawk in our paddock!             young ponies learning tricks

                        Peter Patrick and Barney Dimple in harness

Praize and the girls!

Sue and some Brahman calves     Ted the Shetland with Erin and Jess     Cracker the JR with Sophie and orphan foal Gl Seaspray   

Barton and friends             on the farm


Sue and farm helpers on the bike        Jess and weanlings

Angus and Millie     Annashee and Topsy

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