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There are now 14 Glenormiston Connemaras in the USA as well as five of their exported in utero offspring and we also have ponies in Germany, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and Korea as well as in all the States of Australia as well as the ACT and the Northern Territory.    

  Purebred youngstock are usually available for sale. See our 'For sale' page. 


IN COLORADO (Wildwych Connemara Stud)

Glenormiston Flurry Knox

Abbeyleix Finbar (Ire) - Oxenholm Tiffany (Denmark)

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Flurry Knox at Wildwych

photo courtesy of Mary Prewitt, Wildwych Connemaras

Glenormiston Roscrea

Oxenholm Gideon (Denmark)-Millfield Seaspray (UK)

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Rosscrea with Sue Clarke

Glenormiston Flurry Knox (Abbeyleix Finbar - Oxenholm Tiffany) was exported as a yearling  in 1994 to Mary Prewitt's Wildwych Connemara Stud in the USA.   He was joined in 1998 by the Multi Champion mare Glenormiston Roscrea  (Oxenholm Gideon - Millfield Seaspray) who travelled over in foal to Aran Milano. The result was the lovely dun mare Wildwych Dreamtime whose first foal, Wildwych Eclipse, by Glenormiston Flurry Knox, is the very successful stallion belonging to Lisa Martin-Geddes and Max Geddes in California.

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Glenormiston Amelia

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Amelia (Domo Cavallo Praize - Glenormiston Clementine) exported in foal 2000. (pictured here at 3 when leaving Glenormiston)  

                                           and pictured here in 2005  Lisa Martin photo

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Glenormiston Amelia  travelled  to Mary Prewitt in Colorado in 2000 and subsequently produced a bay filly Wildwych Clio by Castle Baron. Clio is now with Heather Sherratt at Elphin stud in Canada.               

After breeding a filly by Glenormiston Flurry Knox,Amelia was sold to Lisa and Max Martin at Redbud Ranch in California  and has had a number of beautiful foals for Lisa and Max. Amelia was  the first premium mare in the American Connnemara Pony Society studbook and one of her daughters by Gunsmoke is going to live in France..

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Glenormiston Diamond Lil, Glenormiston Cuchullain & Glenormiston Billies Bay

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Leaving Glenormiston for the USA together as weanlings


                                     Billie in Colorado                        Cuchulainn in Alabama                            Lil in California


In 2001 we sent 3 weanlings to the USA. Glenormiston Billies Bay was purchased by Mary Prewitt from Wildwych stud and now belongs to Robyn Taliaferro who is competing him in dressage and eventing.  Another colt, Glenormiston Cuchulainn, has gone to Kelly and Paul Windus of Dark Horse Station in Alabama and is now being ridden by their daughter and filly Glenormiston Diamond Lil  joined  Mary Long's Castle Rock Connemaras in California. 

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Glenormiston Jack McCool  

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Glenormiston Diamond Joe

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Glenormiston Florrie 

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In March 2002 Glenormiston Jack McCool (Domo Cavallo Praize-Glenormiston Lizzie Diamond) a Connemara gelding,  travelled to California to the Cresto family to be ridden by their 3 children.   Then in August of the same year,  the weanling colt Glenormiston Diamond Joe (Castle Baron-Glenormiston Lizzie Diamond) and weanling filly Glenormiston Florrie  (Abbeyleix Finbar-Oxenholm Tiffany) joined him. We hope they are bringing their new owners a lot of pleasure.

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Glenormiston Clonmel

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In May 2002, 7 year old mare Glenormiston Clonmel (Domo Cavallo Praize-Tulira Fuchsia), dam of Gl Cormac and Gl Cloonlara and in foal again to Castle Baron, joined the Sherras family of New York State.  She had a beautiful dun filly  in November 02 and has recently qualified for the American Eventing Championships with her young rider Victoria Sherras

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Glenormiston Clemma


Glenormiston Clemma (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Dulcinea)  was exported to Wildwych Connemara stud in Colorado and had a colt by Exmoor Irish Jack (by Glenormiston Jasper) after arriving in the US . She has subsequently had foals by Glenormiston Flurry Knox before being sold on to Libby Milroy in Nebraska.

Glenormiston  Rossleague  

  at 2 yrs               and at 7 yrs

                                  kelly windus photo

Glenormiston Rossleague (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosmara)  is in Colorado with Alyce Wich and  had a beautiful dun filly by Exmoor Irish Jack after arriving in the US. Rossleague was Champion Mare at the Mountain and Moorland Show in Colorado and is now being ridden by Alyce

Glenormiston Inver Rory

                               Sandy Raynor photo

              Rory pictured here as a newborn foal                                                               and Rory in 2009

Glenormiston Inver Rory - partbred by Domo Cavallo Praize and out of TB mare was exported to Sandy Raynor in Indiana as an eventing prospect. He has grown to over 16 hands and comes from good sound jumping lines. This has been a very successful performance family and we have recently heard that Rory is now competing in dressage

Glenormiston Inisheer

                                Julie Manuele photo

Glenormiston Inisheer, a lovely purebred filly by Domo Cavallo Praize and out of Glenormiston Fionnuala, one of our loveliest brood mares, was imported by Julie Manuele in Washingston State and has since been sold to Alyce Wich in Colorado.  Inisheer is living up to all expectations with her delightful temperament. 

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Glenormiston Catriona

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Glenormiston Catriona  (Abbeyleix Finbar-Oxenholm Tiffany) was exported to Thailand where she has been a successful riding pony and brood mare. This is a country where there aren't many horses or ponies and Catriona has her own personal groom to care for her like a princess. The Country Club where she lives grows it's own feed for their herd of ponies. 


Glenormiston Sile (2009)

                            seen here as a yearling

Glenormiston Sile is a filly by Glenormiston Tipper O'Toole and out of Exmoor Sinead (belonging to Bill Concannon) She has travelled to Korea and belongs to the Korean Racing Authority where she will live at the racecourse along with ponies of other breeds and be used to teach children to ride and for RDA

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                                                      IN GERMANY

Glenormiston Annashee


pictured here in Germany   (Elke Bader photos)    

click on any photo of Annashee to see her in Australia before leaving for Germany

               In June 2005 the dun weanling filly Glenormiston Annashee (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Abbeylara) travelled to Elke and Dieter Bader's Black Forest Connemara stud in Germany.  Champion filly at the Southern German Connemara show in 2007.  Castle Baron now has progeny winning Championships in four countries around the world.

In 2008 Annashee was judged Champion all Pony Breeds at the 2-weeks-performance contest 2008 in Baden-Württemberg.  She won against all breeds including the German Riding ponies in loose-jumping, dressage and rideability under several riders and scored by different judges.

You can visit Annashee at


 Glenormiston Dingle Bay (Oxenholm Gideon-Tulira Fuchsia) went to Anne Ryan in the South Island as a 2 year old and is now well in her 20's and being used by Anne's grandchildren at pony club.

The highly successful showjumping gelding Glenormiston Jack Aengus ( by Domo Cavallo Praize and out of Washlands's Rebecca) was exported to New Zealand some years ago and was later sold on to Japan.

The stallion Glenormiston Jasper (now deceased) (Abbeyleix Finbar-Oxenholm Dulcinea). travelled to the South Island of New Zealand after spending many years with Sally Withers in South Australia. Sadly he died at age 20.

                      The bay stallion  Glenormiston Rowan (by Castle Baron and out of Glenormiston Rosmara by Oxenholm Gideon) is in the North Island with Anne Lindsay after travelling over as a weanling. He has now  produced some lovely foals for his owner in NZ.

Glenormiston Fineen (the last son of Abbeyleix Finbar and Oxenholm Tiffany) is in the South Island with Paula Reed. He travelled over in 2009 after he was inspected and has now produced his first first foal for Paula.





                  Two of our 2009 filly foals have been sold to Ingrid de Hoedt in the South Island - Glenormiston Banrion (Glenormiston Celtic Prince - Glenormiston Brigid) travelled across to NZ in June and Glenormiston Rahaniska (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosslea) joined her in November. Rahaniske has already won her first Junior Championship.

Our beautiful yearling filly Glenormiston Slievenamon (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosaleen) has been sold to Brigid Verry in New Zealand and will travel in November 2011.


  We are confident that our exports will prove to be as successful as their parents and siblings in Australia and are happy to make all the arrangements for travel (including all export arrangements and vet tests)  from Glenormiston to your farm wherever it is in the world. Just email us for a quote. There is no quarantine requirement from Australia to the USA even with older ponies and pregnant mares which often makes it a very economical proposition to import from Australia.

Purebred youngstock are usually available for sale (we no longer breed partbreds). See our for sale page and email us if you have a particular pony or bloodline in mind as not all our ponies for sale are on our for sale page and foals are often booked before birth.  

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