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Sadly almost all our ponies have been sold however we have 8 foals arriving from October 2012.

SOLD - Our beautiful imported stallion Gneevebrack Storm has been sold to a fabulous  syndicate of Connemara breeders. He will stand at Charles Sturt University in NSW and his official arrival will be unveiled on the 20th of June on site.

Storm will make a wonderful sire and his bloodlines and colour suit any Connemara mare in Australia.  He will also breed super partbreds for eventing and dressage.

 Enquiries - email zitadenholm@bigpond.com

Click here to see his photos on the 'Our Connemaras' page

 Connemara Ponies are one of the larger Native pony breeds and we aim to breed ponies of around 13.3 - 14.2 hands but occasionally we have both smaller and larger ponies available. Our policy is to geld our colts unless they are truly exceptional as we would much rather be known for our top geldings than our average colts.  

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to view an extended pedigree for any of our ponies just follow the links on this page or go to the DelMar All Breeds banner on our Introduction page  and click on the coloured horse then type in the name of pony at the top of their page



Horse Drawn Vehicle for sale


As we are no longer driving our ponies, we are offering our mail wagon for sale which we used to pull with either a pair or a four in hand. It is built with wood on a steel frame and was made by a coach builder in 1982. It has steel wheels, a pole and swingles and is in very good condition. 

                   more photos



So many of our lovely ponies have been sold recently

Glenormiston Scarteen, Glenormiston Celebration, Glenormiston Rosslea, Glenormiston Fintra, Glenormiston Flashy Diamond, Glenormiston Lisheen, Glenormiston Sibeal, Glenormiston Treasa, Glenormiston Aislinn, Glenormiston Lile, Glenormiston Fiona, Glenormiston Kinsale, Glenormiston Carlin, Glenormiston Jewel, Glenormiston Aengus, Glenormiston Colm as well as all of the 2011 foals.

Castle Baron and Frederiksminde Hazy Cavalier are under contract

 Glenormiston Arabella (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Fiona) has been sold to Rebecca Brown in western Qld. Arabella is to be a future children's pony 


 Glenormiston Alby (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Abbeylara) has been sold to Carla Cosgrove in western Qld. Alby is a super children's pony in the making. 


 Glenormiston Caoilinn (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Cornamona) - our beautiful big two year old has a wonderful new home in Victoria with Veerle Fierens.


 Glenormiston Slievenamon - the lovely yearling filly (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosaleen) has been sold to Brigid Verry in New Zealand


 Glenormiston Aedan (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Fionnuala) has arrived safely at his new home in Western Australia with Stephanie Ivatts. We wish her every success with him.


 Glenormiston  Ryan  (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosslea) - our lovely buckskin colt, has gone to his new home with Karen and Jenae Parrish in Victoria where he is already a success.


 Glenormiston Sile, the lovely filly by Glenormiston Tipper O'Toole has been exported to Korea where she will be used for teaching children to ride and for Riding for Disabled. Her new owners are the Korean Racing Authority.


 Glenormiston Celtic Pride has joined the breeding program for the students at Charles Sturt University  and will be used to breed both pure and partbred Connemaras. With his wonderful temperament and great jumping pedigree, he should be a huge success.


 Glenormiston Ballybelle has been sold to Jonathan and Lisa Randle in the Hunter Valley. She will join full siblings Gl Killian and Gl Ballymalloe as well as several other Glenormiston Connemaras. We hope this super filly will be just as successful as their other ponies


 Pretty yearling Glenormiston Kincora has joined Glenormiston Pooka and Glenormiston Sorcha in Parkes in NSW


  3 year old gelding Glenormiston Oscar (Castle Baron - Portadown Irish Rose) has gone to his new home in Canberra where he is destined to be a dressage star with his new owner. This sweet natured gelding with beautiful movement has a great future ahead of him


  Glenormiston Cassidy (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Celebration), a weanling gelding has been sold to Kim and Leanne Sainsbury. He shoudl make a super ridden pony in the future.


  The very pretty filly foal  Glenormiston Killashee (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Kinsale) has been sold to Nicole Walker from Mackay and is now safely in her new home


 Two year old Glenormiston Skeheen (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosaleen) has been sold as a children's pony to a  new home near Roma in western Queensland and with his incredibly quiet and sensible temperament we know he will be a success


  Yearling gelding Glenormiston Shanagarry (Glenormiston Celtic Prince - Glenormiston Sibeal) has gone to a wonderful new home near Canberra with Shannon Jones. He should make great performance pony in the future. We wish Shannon every success with him.


  Glenormiston Roosca (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosslea) has been sold to Ian and Jenny Gilligan from Toowoomba in Queensland. She   will be a riding pony for their daughter Kate. Roosca is one of the best moving ponies we have bred and should make a fabulous dressage pony.


 3 year old Glenormiston Sorcha (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Scarteen) and 2 year old Glenormiston Pooka (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Fiona) have been sold to a wonderful new home near Parkes in NSW where they will make ridden ponies for Grace and Ainsley.Sorcha was in foal to Gneevebrack Storm and has had a lovely filly foal.


 Our beautiful 4 year old stallion Glenormiston Celtic Prince (Domo Cavallo Praize - Glenormiston Dulcinea) has been sold to Annette and Henry Condie from Ballarat in Victoria. We wish them every success with this lovely pony. Click on his name to see photos.


 Glenormiston Rahaniska (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosslea) has now joined Glenormiston Banrion with Ingrid de Hoedt in New Zealand


 Yearlings Glenormiston Slievebeagh (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Scarteen) and Glenormiston Aoife (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Abbeylara)  have been sold to Tracey Borg from Clermont in Qld where they will make wonderful ridden ponies. Now known as Norman and Susie!!


 Glenormiston Banrion  (Glenormiston Celtic Prince - Glenormiston Brigid) is now in New Zealand with her new owner  IIngrid de Hoedt 


 Glenormiston  Finn McCool (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosalie)  is now in his new home with Rachel Crease in Wagga Wagga in NSW 


 Glenormiston Ballymoe (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Ballycara)  has gone to his new home in Roma Qld with Briony O'Bree.


 Our dun gelding Glenormiston Sullivan (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Scarteen)  has been sold to Casey Storer and will be her future riding gelding


Some of our earlier sales over recent years


  Our lovely bay stallion Glenormiston Tipper O'Toole (Castle Baron imp - Oxenholm Tiffany imp) has now been sold to his rider of the last few years Lyndie Easton from Rathdowney in Queensland where he will continue his successful dressage career as well as producing beautiful foals for Lyndie


                   Tipper O'Toole 2008


 Glenormiston Ballyhooley (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Ballycara) has joined Carla Cosgrove's band of Connemara ponies in Roma Queensland and will make a super performance pony


Glenormiston Carraig (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Cashel) has been sold to Margaret Green from Kallangur in Queensland and is about to start his showing career before he is started under saddle!


Glenormiston Donovan (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Dulcinea)  has gone to Darren and Stacey McKenna in Darwin


 Glenormiston Fineen (Abbeyleix Finbar - Oxenholm Tiffany) has passed inspection as a stallion and has been

 sold to Paula Reed in New Zealand. He's the last foal of Abbeyleix Finbar and Oxenholm Tiffany and his bloodlines

should be a big asset to NZ. His first NZ born foal has arrived safely!!


 Glenormiston Cloonshannagh  (Castle Baron-Glenormiston Celebration) a dun gelding was sold

 to Jo Carter from WA but sadly died in an accident on the way to WA


 Glenormiston Seosaimhin (Castle Baron - Exmoor Sinead)  has gone to a great new home with Amie Carter

 in the Hunter Valley of NSW


 The lovely gelding Glenormiston Connery (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Cornamona) has been sold to the Gilligan family from Toowoomba  in Queensland as a future ridden pony


 Glenormiston Eveleen (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Kinsale) has been sold to Di and Dave Watt from near Cowra in NSW along with Glenormiston Nessa


 Glenormiston Nessa (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Fionnuala) has also been sold to Di and Dave Watt from NSW

 and is now being strted under saddle


 Glenormiston Snow Fox (Abbeyleix Finbar- Glenormiston Celebration) has been sold to Michaela Adams in

NSW and has now passed his stallion inspection


 Glenormiston  Redmond, Glenormiston Auliffe and Glenormiston Finneas have been sold to Carla Cosgrove

 from Roma in Queensland. They are all sired by Castle Baron and are out of Glenormiston Rosaleen.

Glenormiston Abbeylara and Glenormiston Fiona respectively.


 Glenormiston Christie (Abbeyleix Finbar-Glenormiston Celebration) has been sold to  the Weiss family from

Brisbane and will be an interschool and pony club pony for their daughters .


Christie is pictured here with Jess and Sarah Weiss

 Glenormiston Yeats (Castle Baron-Portadown Irish Rose) has been sold to Lyndie Easton where he will compete as

a dressage pony in the future


 Glenormiston Rosanna (Castle Baron-Glenormiston Rosaleen) has joined Gill Beaton's ponies at Clifden Stud

 in South Australia


 Glenormiston Benbaun (Castle Baron-Glenormiston Rosslea) went to Donna Woods and Margaret Fooks

 in Tasmania as a weanling and is now a registered class 1 stallion


 Glenormiston Slieveroe (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Scarteen) has been sold to Lisa and Jonathan Randle

 from Hunter Nursing Nannies  http://www.hunternursingnannies.com.au/

They also own Glenormiston Killian, Glenormiston Ballymalloe, Glenormiston Firinne and the lovely stallion Glenormiston Bartley 


 Glenormiston Dundrum has been bought by Carlisle Sheridan  and will join Glenormiston Fibber McGee,

Glenormiston Adare and Glenormiston Cloonshee at her Powderbark Stud in Western Australia   



Glenormiston Lisdoonvarna has been sold to Janene Leslie in southern NSW where she is breeding with

 Boonahburra Magee.


Glenormiston Mickey Finn has been sold to Paula Hammond near Beaudesert in Queensland where he will be

 a future pony for their daughter


Glenormiston Clonakilty  (Abbeyleix Finbar-Glenormiston Scarteen) has been sold to Diane and Peter Brown in western Victoria  She is a lovely 3 year old  and joins Glenormiston Tess (Abbeyleix Finbar - Oxenholm Tiffany) who was sold to Melanie Brown. Clonakilty has now gone on to Dylanglen stud as a future  broodmare


Glenormiston Fionnabhair (in foal to Tipper O'Toole) has been sold to Michaela Adams  We wish Michaela every success with this lovely pony. She   jproduced a bay filly in September 07


 Glenormiston Bartley (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Fionnuala) has been sold to Julie Pratten from the Northern Rivers

 district of NSW. He will be shown and campaigned in both NSW and Queensland . J

ulie previously owned the dun stallion Rainey Island Leprechaun. He is now an inspected stallion.


purebred gelding,  Glenormiston Fionn (Abbeyleix Finbar-Glenormiston Dinmerren Bay) is now with Michelle Pitcher

 and her family  from the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  


Glenormiston Peadar has gone to the McGovern family in Tasmania. He is a future mount for Niamh who is at present

riding a Shetland. Peadar is a lovely weanling full brother to Glenormiston Annashee who is in Germany.


 Glenormiston Bree (Glenormiston Fintan-Glenormiston Brigid)  was sold to Dave and Trish Deakin of Kilkeiran stud

at Rosewood in Queensland.


Glenormiston Dunmurry  (Castle Baron-Glenormiston Rosmara) was sold to a very competent young owner/rider Indira

 who is now competing on this super pony and he continues to go from success to success in inter school and pony club competitions.



 Dun filly Glenormiston Annashee ( Castle Baron- Glenormiston Abbeylara) has purchased by Elke and Dieter Bader

from the  Blackforest Connemara Stud in Germany. She is the first Connemara pony to travel back to Europe

from Australia. see her at     



Glenormiston Mary Diamond (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Lizzie Diamond) is at Boonahburra Connemara Stud in Victoria with the Dodds family. 


Congratulations to Lyndie Easton who has purchased the beautiful filly Glenormiston Aedin

(Abbeyleix Finbar - Glenormiston Abbeylara) 


Glenormiston Rowan (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosmara) was sold to New Zealand and is now a registered stallion in the North Island with the Lindsay family


  Glenormiston Rossleague  (Castle Baron - Glenormiston Rosmara)  Rossleague  is in Colorado and has

a filly foal by Exmoor Irish Jack


 Glenormiston Clemma (Castle Baron-Glenormiston Dulcinea is also in Colorado and has a colt foal by

Exmoor Irish Jack. See them at  



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