Some of our non Connemara people - past and present


Ruff our first terrior 1981-1996   family   Cracker in the dam   Jemima and Topsy


Flick        Jemima the patting catCrackerThelma and Louise


Jess and Angus with Tom   grandchildren on Ted   Mattie now gone to the rainbow bridge

Rupert Russell aged 3 months   Millie   Rupert at 4 months

Jess riding Ted    Gusso   IvanSpinner & Whim - now both at the rainbow bridge


Eddie      Honey our rescue Maremma

Millie   Honey and FlickLouise

Percy Plymouth and young guinea fowl      Butterball Brown & Slinki Malinki - found abandoned

Jess and Puppymoo    Percy and his hens

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